Super consumption cycle
Global Consumption Platform Based on Block Chain Technology
Block chain traceability Architecture + Block chain consumption cycle Core system + CoT module based on Block chain Technology
Application Framework of Building Block chain Technology in consumption Circulation system
Nobel laureate in economics, Joseph E. Stiglitz warned, "unless we solve the big problem of insufficient global aggregate demand, the economic downturn will continue.”
In International:
The global economy faces a major problem: the economy of developed countries has seen its fastest growth rate since the Second World War. Over the past decade, 81 percent of Americans' incomes have been flat or even declining, while Italy, Britain and France have seen 97 percent and 63 percent, respectively.
In China:
The problem of overcapacity in traditional industries;
The weak consumption will of the common people and the lack of domestic demand motivation;
The increase of unemployment and the severe employment situation by the progress of science and technology;
Enterprise financing cost is high, business operation is still more difficult.
On the whole:
The export and investment-led approach needs to change, and stimulating domestic demand has always been a goal.
Problems solved
Through the technical characteristics of the block chain itself, such as decentralization, non-tampering and so on, the technical difficulties of traceability of products in the consumption cycle and F2C material linkage system of the shopping mall are solved, so as to realize the consumption safety and sustainable circulation.
Block chain traceability architecture
In the traceability system of SCCC, there are four kinds of participants:
The first is traceability chain, the platform side node, which will carry on ecological maintenance from the development angle.
The second kind is the enterprise that joins the traceability chain, as the brand node. These nodes will be involved in the traceability chain platform construction;
The third category will be user representatives, and they will participate in the platform voting and construction;
And the fourth category will be credible government or third-party quality inspection agencies as authoritative nodes, providing dual verification of information.

In the traceability system of SCCC, the reliability of traceability system and the accuracy of upper chain information can be ensured by the participation of quadripartite.
SCCC consumption cycle platform
In SCCC consumption cycle system, there will be members of SCCC platform, merchants, exchanges and other parties to participate and maintain.
SCCC IoT module
SCCC platform based on cloud computing, according to the existing operating platform and business capabilities, the target market integration of internal and external resources, forming users, merchants, other market participants to create value of the network business model.
In the level of state
  1. Responding to the national policy of "de-producing capacity, destocking, deleveraging, reducing costs, and making up for shortcomings" to promote the transformation and upgrading of enterprises in the direction of consumption;
  2. Stimulating domestic demand around the requirement of "enabling the people to consume, willing to consume, and daring to consume." Promote domestic demand and promote development;
  3. Promote online and offline interaction, speed up the circulation of commerce and commerce, stimulate the vitality of real business development;
  4. Respond to the call of "mass entrepreneurship, innovation for all", and innovate business models, providing more employment and entrepreneurial opportunities.
In the level of enterprise
  1. Increase the order and profit of the enterprise;
  2. Destock and withdraw the funds;
  3. Order production, optimize the allocation of resources and reduce the cost.
In the level of consumer
  1. Satisfying the rigid demand of the common people.
  2. The frequency of consumption, stimulating consumption and increasing the real purchasing power of users.
  3. Providing employment and entrepreneurship opportunities.
Social effect
  1. Promote industrial value chain appreciation;
  2. Consumption cycle makes consumption more convenient and safe.
  3. Drive consumption to form a virtuous circle.
The project was established in May 2018 and officially launched in the third quarter of 2018.
In July 2018
We took the lead in completing the construction of the project platform and the integration of resources, initially perfecting the system structure and the building of the fan community, and completing the construction of the project platform;
In August 2018
The first round of financing will be launched to complete the infrastructure required for the platform;
In September 2018
We will open the second round of financing and dock platform merchants to complete the project process testing;
In October 2018
We will open the project public offering and dock commodity traceability system;
In November 2018
Token will be transacted in the Exchange. We will dock terminal equipment, and improve the system.
In January 2020
We will open the Southeast Asian market expansion;
In June 2020
We will start the European and American market expansion;
In 2021
We will become the most growing global consumer mall in the field of block chain.
Token Distribution
The Genesis Block will generate a total of 6 billion EQUITY CHAINs based on computer time, of which:

10%, 600,000,000 pieces of SCCC are used in private placement to provide basic guidance and help for SCCC projects in business development and technology development.

10%,600,000,000 SCCC are used in the public offering stage for SCCC team operation, team development, including market, law, virtual asset business, etc.

20%,1,200,000,000 pieces use to reward the founding team and the development team for their continued contribution to the development of SCCC (lock up for 12 months);

12%,720,000,000 pieces use for corporate investors and industry leaders (executives, directors, university professors, frontier geeks, etc.) as development of business scenarios and funding, to help SCCC quickly occupy the market to gain first chance (lock up for 12 months);

48%,28,800,000,000 pieces use for the management of the SCCC Foundation, of which 8 percent is used for community building, 22 percent for commercial ecological construction, 6.5 percent for frontier research and 11. 5% of virtual assets research cross-held currency. (Locked up for 12 months).

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